Medical Billing

Tired of submitting claims that will be rejected? We offer next-day billing and follow-up with claims scrubbing technology that virtually eliminates the submission of bad claims. We provide you and your office staff with the resources you need in order to submit clean claims every time. Through Electronic Remittance Advice and Electronic Funds Transfer you will receive payments in as little as 5 days.

Capri will save time and improve the efficiency by eliminating data entry from your office. Capri billing executives process all of your data by entering all charges, payments, and adjustments on a next-day basis. Capri’s processing methods will allow you to view detailed real-time reports on all of your billing information

Staff Strength

  • Coding: We have certified coders to do the coding for all specialty services.
  • Demographic & Charge Entry: We have trained and experienced professionals to submit clean claims with 99% accuracy and a TAT of 24 Hrs.
  • Payment Posting & Denial Analysis: We have trained professionals to do the posting and analyze for the denials and take a corrective measure which improves your Cash Flow.
  • A/R Follow Up: We have trained AR professionals to reduce AR Days, to increase your collection ratio and to improve your cash flow through regular follow-up with the insurance carrier and patients.

Our work flow Process:

  • Step 1: Collecting / checking / scanning/fax of the required documents to our office
  • Step 2: Required data i.e. Patient Demographics, Insurance Information, Super bill, Check copies and EOB copies. Charge Entry will be updated in our software. Expected TAT of this process is 24 Hrs.
  • Step 3: Payment information will be updated to individual claims on a daily basis, based on daily document source – Check copies and Explanation of Benefits.
  • Step 4: Unpaid / Denied / Rejected claims will be analyzed, accounted and acted upon by the AR crew, which will also call various Insurance Companies for follow-up.
  • Step 5: Through our Office / Client, we will route the submission of secondary and tertiary claims, claims with attachments and other documents to the Insurance companies.

Procedure Code Analysis

  • Simply provide us with your super bill or progress note
  • Listing all of your CPT Codes
  • Listing all of your ICD Codes
  • Listing all of your HCPCS codes

We will integrate your CPT, ICD & HCPCS codes into our software and ensure that you no longer lose money due to wrong/invalid codes

The following are some of the advantages using our billing process:

  • Minimize the impact of employee turnover by utilizing our medical billing solution. No substantial training is required to your new employees.
  • Electronic claims filing eliminates the lengthy time of mailed submission, information regarding your accounts is available the next day and payments can be received in as little as five days.
  • Keep track of all aspects of your practice by monitoring co-pays, self-pays and insurance payments. Our software allows you to view the details of your accounts and claims in order to assure you that the appropriate parties have been billed. You can also generate and sort reports to consolidate and analyze your patient records.
  • Traditional A/R analysis is conducted by sorting each outstanding balance into specific buckets of time: 30, 60, 90, 120, 120+ days. Capri’s follow-up policy is set according to the payment patterns of individual insurance companies. If we know that Insurance Company usually pays a claim 12 days after submission, we follow-up on those claims on the 15th day. We build these rules into our proprietary billing software to ensure that claims do not languish with the payers and do not simply move through the 30, 60, 90 cycle without action.