About Capri Services

Capri Brief Introduction

Capri Service Inc. was established as a Medical Billing and Transcription company in 2001 and over the last 20 years we have expanded to other services including Call Data Analytics, Customer Service, Data Entry and Recruiting.

Capri, a medical billing & Data Processing company, offers physicians and healthcare providers across the country Medical Transcription, Medical Billing EMR services and Data Processing, Data Capture & Digitization services.

We have a vision to create for you a virtually paperless office environment, secure patient records, provide a complete HIPAA compliancy and hassle free ease of use by empowering you with tools such as Medical Billing, EMR software and Medical Transcription. We provide you the tools to analyze the A/R by specific insurance, patient balances with the outstanding period.


We believe for small scale businesses to succeed they need to be efficient in every facet of their business and we strive to be a service provider that can provide sound solutions to achieve this goal.