Data Entry

Our data entry team was established close to 20 years back and supports customers in different parts of the world.

Our primary goal is to ensure all data is collected and stored in the ERP system for our clients.


We have 30 members dedicated to our data entry and data conversation operation. Our team includes personnel that specialize in quality control process to ensure we maintain our exceptional Quality standards.

Our company headquarters are based out of Southfield, MI with a 24/7 customer service team available to address any customer concerns.


We provide variety of services to help digitize data and make businesses more efficient. Our service offerings include:

Forms Processing
  • HCFA 1500
  • UB 92
  • ADA
  • Online forms processing
  • And any other forms such as insurance application, surveys etc.
Data Entry and Data Conversion
  • Scanned docs conversion to any type of format such as pdf, notepad, word or other required formats
  • Electronic data entry of info such as employee contact, customer, personnel details etc.
All our process workflows are designed to ensure 99.98% Quality
  • Double Key, Compare, Audit Process
  • Key, Verify, Mismatch, Audit Process
  • OCR, Double proofing, Audit process

We have developed our in-house software to process any type of forms, text entry and indexing projects with a quick turnaround at your preferred format.

Overall, we provide fast and efficient services at extremely low pricing. Please give us a call today to get a free trial of our services.