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About Capri Services

Capri Brief Introduction

Capri, a medical billing & Data Processing company, offers physicians and healthcare providers across the country Medical Transcription, Medical Billing EMR services and Data Processing, Data Capture & Digitization services.

We have a vision to create for you a virtually paperless office environment, secure patient records, provide a complete HIPAA compliancy and hassle free ease of use by empowering you with tools such as Medical Billing, EMR software and Medical Transcription. We provide you the tools to analyze the A/R by specific insurance, patient balances with the outstanding period.

   We provide supportive, compassionate and
highly qualified services for all your clients

Venkat Koneru

Outsourcing medical billing requires a medical billing company who understands your needs. From medical claim lifecycle management to in-depth reporting and patient support, we tailor medical billing services to your practice's specific needs. Capri’s medical billing service is a complete, one-stop, full-service medical billing solution.

  • Recruiting – Registered Nurses
  • Call Data Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Transcription
Our Services

What Service We Provide

Capri Service, Inc. provides the following services to health care providers in an innovative and customized way on time, every time:


  • Improve collections
  • Accelerate payments
  • 24/7 accessibility to your data
  • Transparency throughout the revenue cycle
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • Full charge entry and payment posting
  • Daily submission and follow-up
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary payer billing
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Integration with third party EMR software
  • Online insurance eligibility verification
  • Medical transcription
  • Data Processing, Data Capture & Digitization services