We save you more than just time and money. We provide you the latest EMR software with the tech support and train your staff on our system. A practice using an EMR will be able to export a file with billing information at the end of each day. Capri will then ensure that every patient is billed and accounted for. Capri’s EMR not only provides you the tools you need at the click of your mouse, it also provides you a managed workflow which guides you at each step. Each task panel in the EMR is designed to prompt you for all necessary information required to complete the patient chart. On a single click you can view the patient's entire chart including demographics, medical history, medications, and lab results. The EMR's single patient overview allows you to see at a glance all of the relevant information for the current patient visits.

For maximum efficiency and functionality, practices use Capri’s EMR in addition to our billing service, encounter data is transmitted via automated synchronization between the EMR (which you maintain on your network) and Capri’s online platform.

If your practice prefers to continue using a third-party EMR (not Capri’s), with the support of your EMR vendor, we will build the requisite “bridge” or IT interface as long as your EMR meets basic industry standards. By clicking a button (ex. “Send to billing”) in your EMR, you seamlessly export encounter data to Capri’s billing executives and online platform. Typically, just one click sends all unsubmitted claims to Capri.

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Improve collections
Accelerate payments
24/7 accessibility to your data
Transparency throughout the revenue cycle
Full financial and practice management reporting
Full charge entry and payment posting
Daily submission and follow-up
Primary, secondary, and tertiary payer billing
Real-time financial reporting
Integration with third party EMR software
Online insurance eligibility verification
Medical transcription.
Data Processing, Data Capture & Digitization services
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